Health Ministry of AYUSH seeking details of Baba Ramdev's CORONIL...

Ministry of AYUSH seeking details of Baba Ramdev’s CORONIL medicine, order for ban on advertisement till investigation


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New Delhi / Haridwar. Yoga guru Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved launched a drug on the market on Tuesday, claiming to be 100 percent effective in treating Kovid-19. At the same time, a few hours later, the Ministry of AYUSH asked him to provide the quantity and other details of various herbs present in this medicine as soon as possible.

Ministry of AYUSH seeking details of Baba Ramdev's CORONIL medicine, order for ban on advertisement till investigation

The ministry has also ordered the company to stop promoting this product until the subject is investigated. Although it was not immediately clear whether the drug could still be sold? Later, Patanjali Managing Director Acharya Balakrishna said that we have met all the criteria of clinical trials 100 percent and the company has sent the detailed details of the composition of medicines to the Ministry of AYUSH.

He said that in response to the 11-page reply sent by the company to the ministry, complete details regarding drug and test clearances have been made available. Ramdev told PTI that in the research of this medicine, doctors of Patanjali and Jaipur’s National Institute of Medical Sciences jointly conducted trials and trial clinics.

He said that Pantjali first conducted a clinical study and performed a clinical control trial complying with all the rules prescribed for drug discovery.

On the question of getting the approval of the drug from a government agency like ICMR, Ramdev said that clinical control studies of these drugs were done in several cities including Delhi, Ahmedabad and Meerut and RCT (experimental clinical trials) was done at Jaipur based National Institute of Medical Research. .

He said this was done after getting approval from the Clinical Trial Registry of India (CTRE) and completing all the necessary formalities. We followed all the criteria set by modern science for such a clinical trial. Patanjali Ayurveda, while presenting the ‘Coronil’ medicine, claimed on Tuesday that it had found a cure for Kovid-19.

However, the Ministry said that it is not aware of the facts of this claim and the details of the scientific study being done. Patanjali has been asked to give the details of sample size, location and the hospitals where the research study was conducted. It has also been asked to show approval of the Institutional Ethics Committee.

The Ministry said in a statement that the concerned Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer has been informed that such advertisement of medicines including Ayurvedic medicine is the Drugs and Miracle Measures (Objectionable Advertisement) Act, 1954 and the regulations thereunder and the spread of Kovid-19 In view of, it is regulated by the directives issued by the Central Government.

Earlier, at Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar, Ramdev said that this medicine is benefiting 100 percent (Kovid-19) patients. Controlled clinical trials were conducted on 100 patients, in which 69 percent were cured within three days and 100 percent of patients were cured within four days and their test report was negative.

Dr. Ravi Shankar Jha, Head, Lung Disease Department, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad Told that according to physiology, it is absolutely impossible that any medicine here can completely eradicate the virus from the body in five to seven days.


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