Corona Lockdown 2.0: Know WHO and PM Modi's 3L Planning

Lockdown 2.0: Know WHO and PM Modi’s 3L Planning


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new Delhi. The nationwide lockdown in the fight against Corona is set to end on 14 April. Given the increasing incidence of corona infection, it is believed that the lockdown may be further increased. The Modi government has devised a strategy for Lockdown 2.0. The WHO has also suggested a 3L formula for India. In the second phase of the lockdown, the central government will take care of people’s lives as well as their livelihood.

Lockdown 2.0: Know WHO and PM Modi's 3L Planning

According to reports, work has started in several steps to remove the lockdown. For this, a strategy has been prepared to divide the country into 3 zones. Under this, Green, Orange and Red zones are being made. At the same time, the government is also taking care that there is no violation of social distancing rules.

Many states have extended the lockdown period. The Ministry of Industry has recommended the Central Government to start work in 15 large industrial sectors like textiles, construction, gems and jewelry.
According to reports, the government will decide the relaxation rules by dividing the areas of the country into red, orange and green zones according to the level of infection of corona rather than states. However, the final decision will be taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

WHO suggested 3L formula: World Health Organization suggested 3L formula, which is Life, Livelihood, and Living. World Health Organization Special Envoy David Nabarro has said that the government also needs to focus on life, livelihood, and way of living.

Since then, it is also being said that after the end of the lockdown on April 14, many such works will start which will increase the economic growth rate. PM Modi did not talk about the formula, but did the same thing by saying ‘Jaan Bhi, Jahan Bhi’.

Red Zone: In this zone, there will be those districts of the country which are hotspots and where the infection is spreading rapidly. Everything will be closed there as before. Schools and colleges will remain closed everywhere. There is talk of continuing the ban on air travel, rail and bus services as well.

Orange Zone: The districts where new patients of corona infection are not coming and the number of old patients is also less, will be kept in the green zone. It will be relaxed from time to time. A controlled number of mass traffic can begin in the Orange Zone.

Green Zone: Where there is no case of corona, it would be considered a green zone. Business activities will start here. Markets can be opened in the Orange and Green zones of Corona, but time may be limited.

These can be banned: All types of social, political, religious and sports-related events will remain banned. Cinema halls, malls, parks, tourist places, shrines, educational institutions will also not open.


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