Politics Know who Parshuram was, his surprising story

Know who Parshuram was, his surprising story


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The birth anniversary of Parashurama, the sixth embodiment of Lord Vishnu, falls on Vaishak Shukla Tritiya. This time, this jubilee will be celebrated on 26 April 2020. Let’s know who was Lord Parshuram and what is his story.

Know who Parshuram was, his surprising story

Birth time: According to the historian of Mathur Chaturvedi Brahmins, Shribal Mukund Chaturvedi, the sixth ‘Avesh avatar’ of Vishnu, Lord Parshuram was born in Satyuga and Treta, in 5142 BC. The first day of the day and night of Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya took place in Pradosh Kaal. On the Tritiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month, in the first half of the night in Punavasu Nakshatra, Parashurama was born in the clan of Bhrigu Rishi from the womb of Mata Renuka while situated by Rahu on Gemini sign with 6 high planets.

Jamadagni, son of Ritchik-Satyavati, was Parashurama, son of Jamadagni-Renuka. Ritchik’s wife Satyavati was the daughter of King Gadhi (Prasenjit) and sister of Vishwamitra (Rishi Vishwamitra). Jamadagni had 5 sons including Parashurama.

Place of Birth: According to the researcher litterateur Shivkumar Singh Kaushikeya of Bhrigukhetra, Parashurama was born in Khairadih, present-day Ballia. He has presented archival and archaeological evidence in his research and discovery. According to Shrikaushikay, full details including its picture will be found in the Government Ballia Gazetteer of Uttar Pradesh. According to another legend, Lord Parashurama was born on the hill of Janapav, situated just a short distance from Mhow, near Indore, Madhya Pradesh. According to a third belief, he was born in Kalacha village, situated amidst dense forests in Surguja district of Chhattisgarh. According to another fourth belief, about two kilometers east of the Jamadagni Ashram in Jalalabad, Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh, the remains of a thousand year old temple are found, which is called the birthplace of Lord Parshuram.

Parshuram’s Guru: Parshuram received the teachings of the scriptures from Dada Ritchik, father Jamadagni and his father’s maternal uncle Rajarshi Vishwamitra and Lord Shankar. Chyavan married Sukanya, the daughter of King Sharyati. Parashurama was proficient in Yoga, Veda and Niti. He was also proficient in the operation of various divinity including Brahmastra. He was educated in the ashram of Maharishi Vishwamitra and Ritchik.

Parashurama’s disciples: Parashurama had millions of disciples from Tritayuga to Dwapara Yuga. The life of Guru, Arms and Shastra rich sage Parshuram, who taught weapons and weapons to Bhishma, Dronacharya and Karna, the warriors of Mahabharata period, has been full of conflicts and controversies.

Mother beheaded: Parashurama had 4 elder brothers. One day when all the sons went to the forest to get fruit, Parasuram’s mother Renuka went to bathe. While she was bathing and returning to the ashram, she saw Gandharvaraj Chitraketu (Chitraratha) doing the water bath. Seeing this, a disorder arose in her mind and she could not stop herself. Maharishi Jamadagni knew this. At the same time, Parashuram’s elder brothers Rukmavan, Sushenu, Vasu and Vishvavasu also came there. Maharishi Jamadagni asked all of them to slaughter his mother in turn, but no one did it out of fascination. Then the sage cursed him and his thought power was destroyed.

Then Parashurama came there and then Jamagni asked him to do this work. He killed his mother immediately after getting the father’s orders. Seeing this, Maharishi Jamadagni was very pleased and asked Parashurama to ask for a bride. Parashurama then asked his father a boon to revive mother Renuka and cure the four brothers. He also said that no one should remember this incident and asked for a boon to be invincible. Maharishi Jamadagni fulfilled all his wishes. Mother Renuka was the daughter of the King of Konkan.

War with Haihayavanshi kings: The common belief in society is that Parashurama had made the earth 21 times warless. This assumption is incorrect. According to the researcher litterateur Shivkumar Singh Kaushikeya of Bhrigukshetra, the hayavanshi king Sahastrajun was one of his warts. With whom his father Jamadagni was in dispute over many things, for which there were two big reasons. The first is Kamadhenu and the second Renuka.

During the time of Parasurama Rama, there was atrocity of the Haihayavasi Kshatriya kings. The old enmity of Bhargava and Haihayavanshi was going on. Sahasrabahu Arjuna, the king of Haihayavanshi used to torment the sages of the ashram. At one time, Sahasrabahu’s sons killed Parashurama’s father in the spirit of taking Kamdhenu cow of Jamadagni’s ashram and taking revenge on Parashurama. Parshuram’s mother Renuka was distracted by her husband’s murder and sati entered her funeral pyre.

This terrible incident enraged Parashurama and he vowed – I will destroy all the Kshatriyas of the Haihaya dynasty. Under this oath, he fought the people of this dynasty 36 times and destroyed them completely. Since then, the illusion spread that Parashurama had destroyed the Kshatriyas 36 times from the earth.

The capital of the kingdom of the Hayhayans was Mahishmati city, which is now called Maheshwar, while Parashurama and his descendants lived in the Bharoch Adi area of ​​Gujarat. Parashurama organized the Bhargavas after the slaughter of his father and meditated Bhuteshwar Shiva and Maharishi Agastya Muni on the banks of the Saraswati River and obtained 41 ageless divine chariots and invoked Parshu received by Shiva.

After this tremendous preparation, Parshuram took the Bhargava army from Bharoch, surrounded the Mahishmati town on the banks of the Narmada coast and killed and killed all the hayavanshis of the city. In this first attack, he killed King Sahasrabahu in Mahishmati and freed the sages from fear.

After this, he wandered across the country in his 21 campaigns to destroy the Haihayavanshi 64 dynasties. Of these, 14 dynasties were completely non-vedic atheists. In this way, they destroyed the Haihayavanshi kings of the Kshatriyas, which the society considered to be the destruction of the Kshatriyas, whereas they are not. Even after this 21 campaigns, many Haihayavanshi must have survived.

Parashurama in all four ages: Once in the Satyuga, when Ganesha stopped Parashurama from seeing Shiva, the angry Parashurama attacked him, which destroyed one of Ganesha’s teeth and called him Ekadanta. In Tretayuga, he respected the kings of Janaka, Dasharatha etc. Sita greeted Shri Ram in Swayamvar

In Dwapara he supported Krishna in the Kaurava-Sabha and earlier he had provided Sudarshan Chakra to Sri Krishna. In the Dwapara, he was the one who cursed Karna for forgetting all knowledge as a punishment for making untrue speech. He had given armaments to Bhishma, Drona and Karna. Thus, there are many stories of Parashurama.

Chiranjeevi is Parashurama: Pleased with difficult austerities, Lord Vishnu gave him the blessing of staying on tapasyarat bhooloka till the end of the cycle. Lord Parashuram is not the ideal of any particular society. He belongs to the entire Hindu society and he is Chiranjeevi. He was seen in the era of Rama and also in the era of Krishna. He provided the Sudarshan Chakra to Lord Krishna. It is said that he will be present at the end of Kalikala. It is believed that he will remain austere on earth till the end of the cycle. Legend has it that Mahendragiri mountain was the place of the penance of Lord Parashurama and eventually he went to the same mountain to go to Kalpanta for penance.


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