Hello friends, what are FIRs? How to Register Online FIR? Complete information about FIR, today we will learn in this article. If any of your items are stolen, you can register an FIR online from home without going to the police station. Keeping in mind the convenience of citizens, the government has provided the facility to register online FIRs sitting at home. In the online FIR, you can do any of your goods like – mobile, SIM, PAN card, Aadhaar card, mark sheet, etc. in case of theft.

What is an FIR?

How to Register Online FIR

The information or complaint filed with the police in relation to a criminal incident is called an FIR. The full form of FIR is “First Information Report“. FIR ie First Information Report is a written document which is prepared by the police of countries including India on receipt of a cognizable offense. This information is filed as a complaint to the police by the victim of the incident. The FIR is a document prepared by the police in which information about the crime is written.

Let me tell you that it is mandatory for the police to have an FIR before starting any investigation. The procedure of FIR under Section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 is carried out. The FIR is a very important Informative Document on the basis of which the police pursue legal proceedings. Any person can register an FIR with the police in the event of a cognizable offense. And now you can also register online FIR sitting at home.

What is ZERO FIR?

It is always kept in mind that you have to register the FIR in the police station where the incident happens. And if you go to another police station to register a complaint, then the police do not register a complaint in such a situation. For example, if the incident happens in area A then you have to register the complaint in the police station of A, not in other police station.  But many times the victim of the incident is in a strange situation, and they have to register a complaint in other police station. But remember that FIR is your right. In such a situation, the government has made a provision of ZERO FIR keeping in mind your convenience. Under which you can register an FIR in any police station. And later he can be transferred to the police station near the spot.

Who can register an FIR?

The FIR can be registered by any person with whom a criminal incident has taken place. Let me tell you that FIR is your right. If there is a crash with you, or if some of your items have been stolen, you can file an FIR. Apart from this, every person can register an FIR who has witnessed a serious incident happening himself. Or even after knowing about a crime, a person can register an FIR.

Why are FIRs registered?

The first step is to give information about any crime to the police and start acting on it. On filing an FIR, police start Investigation of crime. So that criminals can be punished. If a criminal incident happens to someone, the police will investigate the incident only when the FIR has been lodged by the victim of the incident. If any of your valuables are stolen, you can get an FIR registered and get them investigated by the police. Apart from this, some items are stolen like mobile, SIM card, documents, etc. So in such a situation, some kind of misuse can also be done to your object. In order to avoid any problem with this in the future, you must get an FIR registered for your security.

What type of crime is FIR done?

An FIR can be registered on every type of criminal incident. The police register an FIR first and immediately for such offenses, which at first sight fall under the category of cognizable offenses. And the police of such cognizable offenses can also be arrested without a warrant. Some examples of such crimes are murder, rape, theft, murderous assault, etc.

When can I register an FIR?

It is necessary to register an FIR immediately after the incident. But if for some reason we are not able to register an FIR immediately, then it is necessary to get the FIR registered in the shortest possible time. And if there are delays, then in such a situation you must also give sufficient clarification. Therefore, try to get the FIR registered immediately after the incident.

In which condition can I register online FIR?

Filing an FIR is the right of every citizen of India. If any type of criminal incident happens, the person can go to the police station and register an FIR. But some conditions have been kept for filing FIRs online. For example, a mobile phone is stolen, the wallet is stolen, a motorcycle is stolen, a car is stolen, documents like Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, etc. are stolen, etc. If we understand in simple words, then we cannot register an FIR online for a cognizable offense.

Online FIR can be filed only for Non-Cognizable Offenses. After registering the online FIR, a copy of the FIR arrives on your Registered E-Mail. Which you can get a printout. Apart from this, immediately after filing the FIR online, you can download the PDF file of the FIR. Which you can save and keep. It is very easy to file an online FIR. You can go to the official website of your state or city police and file an online FIR. And you can also check the status of your FIR. For example, below is a list of the official website of the police of some states, from where you can file an FIR online. From here you can visit the site of the online FIR of your state.

  1. Delhi Police
  2. Mumbai Police
  3. Uttar Pradesh Police
  4. Gujarat Police
  5. Chhattisgarh Police

While writing the FIR, give complete information related to the crime and the incident. Meaning, write the complete details of the crime. Which makes it easier for the police to understand your problem. But keep in mind that in the FIR, do not write any wrong or false information or Mangarant story. By doing this, strict action can be taken against you. Therefore, while writing the FIR, please give accurate and clear information. So let’s learn how to register an online FIR.

How to file an FIR online?

Many people do not register FIRs wondering who should make rounds of the police station. But with the help of today’s technology, it is possible that you can register an online FIR sitting at your home. There are different online FIR websites for every state of India, which are managed by the police of that state. You can enter the online FIR by visiting the website of the police of your state. The website is Delhi Police for Delhiites and Mumbai Police website for Mumbaikars. From where you can enter Online FIR. I am showing you here for example by registering an FIR online on the UP Police site.


  • First of all open the FIR site of your state. For example, I am showing online FIR on the UP Police site.
  • If you have come to this site for the first time to register an FIR, then click on “New User” and register. And if you are already registered, you can log in by clicking on “Existing User”.
  • On clicking New User, a new page will open. In which you have to register by entering “User Name, Mobile Number, Email”.
  • An OTP message will be sent to your mobile number as soon as you register. Which you have to verify by inserting OTP.
  • After verification, your account will become active. Now you can file an FIR online.


  • Click “Register Lost Report” to register an FIR. If you want to see the Registered FIR Report, you can try it by going to “View Registered Report”.
  • On giving any wrong information in the online FIR, strict action can be taken by the police against you. So take care to enter all the information correctly.
  • Now in “Personal Details” your full name, father’s name, full address, mobile number, and email. Have to put. Then click on the “Next” button.


  • Now you have to write your event briefly inside “Place of Occurrence”. In “Place of Occurrence”, write the name of the place where the incident took place. Such as – Gully No. 2, Ganesh Nagar, Lucknow.
  • After that, write the name of “District” and “Police Station” where the incident took place.
  • You have to write the complete details of when the incident took place. If you remember Date and Time, write the same. And if you don’t remember Date and Time completely, you can write an estimate of “between so many”.
  • After that Describe the event in full detail. Write down everything when the incident happened, how, where, how it happened. And then click on the “Next” button.


  • Under “Lost Article” you have to write in detail about your lost item. That is your mobile phone, Documents, Vehicles, Etc. Anything can happen.
  • In “Article Lost” you have to select which items have been stolen. I have selected a mobile for example.
  • Now we have to write complete information about that mobile. Such as – Mobile Number, IMEI Number, Manufacture, Etc.
  • Now we have to fully describe that article in the last. For example, if there are mobiles, which company does the mobile belong to, color, model, how many SIMs were there, Micro SD Card, Etc. Everything has to be written. And then click “SUBMIT”.
  • If you ask for confirmation when you submit, then you will Confirm. As soon as you confirm, your Online FIR will be registered.

As I told you above, any wrong information can lead to action on you. So that’s why to take special care of this matter. I have shown an online FIR on the UP Police website just to illustrate and explain to you. Let me tell you, none of my belongings are stolen or lost. So I did not click on the SUBMIT button. And that’s why the screenshots that follow are not attached.

After submitting, a copy of your FIR will be generated. You can also take a printout. And from time to time, you can also check your FIR report. After the FIR is registered, you get an FIR Number. Through which you can check the status of your FIR. You can show the printout of the FIR copy at the nearest police station. Earlier, the police used to write the only Complaint to save their work, but due to online FIRs, the police only has to listen to you.


So friends, now you must know how to file an FIR online. What is an FIR? Why are FIRs registered? When are FIRs registered? And so on. Now you will have complete information about the FIR. I hope you liked the post. And you have understood all the things I have said. If you still have any question, you can ask us by commenting. If you liked the post, please share this post with all your friends on social media.

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