I am sure that you all must hear about the Grofers. Grofers is one of India’s leading startup which has raised $442.5 million(approx.). Grofers Business Model is unique and interesting. Before Grofers Business Model, Revenue Model, and Funding let have a quick introduction about Grofers.com

Grofers Wiki/Bio


Grofers is an Indian startup started by two young IITians Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa. The headquarters is situated in Gurugram. Grofers have employed around 3014 people all over India. Grofers is a private company and Grofers International Pte Ltd is the parent company of Grofers. The company has raised about $442.5 million. Grofers is currently operated in 18 cities of India. Revenue earned by Grofers is around $34 million in 2019.

Our vision is to build out our network to all the top cities so that consumers anywhere can rely on Grofers to get quick deliveries to their doorstep from trusted local retailers. – Albinder Dhindsa (Co-Founder of Grofers)


  • What is Grofers.com?

Grofers is an online grocery store which helps to order groceries, Bakery, fruits online. You can buy Flowers, Meats, Pet Care, Grocery, Fruits & Vegetables, Bakery items, etc on Grofers.
Local delivery guaranteed within 90 minutes for order within 4km of pick up point or you can select timing and date according to your availability.


  • Who is the Founder of Grofers?

Grofers is founded by two India IITians Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa.

Founders of Grofers

  • When Grofers is founded?

Grofers is founded in December 2013 and the headquarters is situated in Gurugram.

  • Grofers is operated in which City?

Grofers is currently operating in 18 cities of India namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad, Kochi, Kanpur, Faridabad, Meerut, Rohtak, Bhiwadi.


  • Grofers toll-free contact number

18002088888 is the tool-free number of Grofers.com


  • Who is Albinder Dhindsa

Albinder Dhindsa is born up in Patiala, Punjab. Albinder Dhindsa is the co-founder of Grofers.com. He studies at IIT Delhi then he shifted to the USA after graduation. He worked in a transportation and Logistics company with Saurabh. Albinder Dhindsa done his MBA from Columbia. He also worked at Zomato.com for 3 years and then joined Grofers and work full time at the post of CEO.


  • Who is Saurabh Kumar

Saurav Kumar is the founder of Grofers.com. Saurav is an IITian. He has done his graduation from IIT Bombay. He moved to the University of Texas for his MS. Saurav worked with Albinder in a transportation and Logistics company for a project. He worked in Cambridge Systematics along with Albinder Dhindsa, he had also worked with Opera Solutions as Senior Analyst and Rasilant Technologies in Mumbai as a COO.


Grofers Business Model

We work on a marketplace model to replace the trip to local shops for our consumers by bringing merchants (and their inventory) online. You can shop for Grocery, Bakery, Pet Supplies, Cosmetics and soon pharmacy and appliances on the Grofers app. – Albinder Dhindsa (Co-Founder of Grofers)

Grofers is work on an effective and simple business model. Grofers.com works on the system of On-Demand Logistics. Grofers work Hyperlocal and this made the delivery faster. They don’t own any grocery store or any type of shop or warehouse.

Grofers tie-up with the stores in the city and have the delivery boy. Grofers deliver the grocery, fruits, vegetables, and much more daily use household items when they receive the orders. You can place the order through the website or mobile application of Grofers and after the order is placed successfully the delivery is made within 90 minutes for order within 4km.

Tie up with the local stores or merchants makes the profit of both the merchants and the Grofers. Merchants receive more orders through Grofers and this increases the revenue of Merchants and Grofers charge some commission.

Business model Grofers                                                Grofers Business Model


Revenue Model Grofers

Grofers has tied-up with merchants and store in local areas. Grofers allows these stores or merchants to have more customers through their app and they charge some commission(8%-15%). Grofers charges 8% on orders below 700 and 12%-15% commission on orders below 1,000.

Funding of Grofers

Announced Date Transaction Name Number of Investors Fund Raised
8-Dec-14 Series A 1 $500K
26-Feb-15 Series B 2 $10M
14-Apr-15 Series C 2 $35M
26-Nov-15 Series D 5 $120M
16-Mar-18 Series E 3 $61.5M
20-Dec-18 Series F 7 $250M

In December 2014 Grofers received its seed funding of $500k from Deepinder Goyal, Founder of Zomato, and Sequoia Capital. In February 2015 they received their Funding in Series B of around 10 million dollars from Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global. In the same year in Series C, they receive 35 million dollars by Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global. Again in 2015, Grofers receive the funding of 120 million dollars in Series D by Cyriac Roeding Roeding Ventures Tiger Global Management SoftBank Sequoia Capital. SoftBank and Tiger Global Management invested 61.5 million dollars in Series E.  In the latest round of funding Series F SoftBank Vision, Tiger Global Management and Sequoia Capital invested 250 million dollars which is the biggest funding of Grofers.

Competitors of Grofers

The major competitors of Grofers are Bigbasket, Postmates, Peppertap, Zopnow, Localbanya. Now, the Amazon is also in the race which made a tough market for Grofers.

Delivery and Logistics of Grofers

Orders above 250 or equal to 250 does not charge delivery fees. Orders below to 250 have the delivery charge of 49. Replacement or refund is available only for defective items.
Local delivery guaranteed within 90 minutes for order within 4km of pick up point or you can select timing and date according to your availability. Delivery can be scheduled in the next 2 days between 11:00 to 10:00 PM.

Advantages of Grofers.com

There are advantages of using Grofers for both the customers means we all and the merchants or store owners.

  • Advantages to consumers

using grofers save our time a lot. They also help us to get rid of standing in long queues. Promised delivery of grofers is 90 minutes or less. However average delivery time is approx 40 minutes right now.

  • Advantages to merchants

Sales of local stores have gone up to 30%. Local Merchants are taking advantage of the online trading boom. They don’t have to separately take care of delivery and supply logistics. Covering a large market than before.


Grofers business model is simple and interesting but very effective. Marketing of grofers is based on 4Ps(Product, Price, Place, Promotion). Grofers have now sufficient funds to grow. Grofers gonna be an India leading online grocery store. The rates of the product on Grofers is low or equal to the local stores. Grofers currently operated in 18 cities. Grocery, Bakery, Fruits & Vegetables, Flowers, Baby Care, Pet Care, Meat & Seafood, Cosmetics, Electronics are the products which are available on Grofers.com.

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